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Elaine Hirst Antique Bear Restorer

Elaine Hirst Antique Bear Restorer

Eden Bears

 With a deep fondness for old bears I operate my Teddy bear Hospital, repairing and restoring vintage, mostly mohair bears. 

I ploughed through many books on the subject and studied the construction methods and materials used by different manufacturers. I began to take in my first patients for minor repair works eleven years ago.  

Since those early days, I have gained first hand experience and a respectable knowledge on the subject of old bears and find myself more often carrying out much more labour-intensive processes than simple ‘minor’ repairs.

I never like to turn a bear away if I can help them.  I aim to exceed the owners expectations when their only hope is for their bear to be made into 'one piece' again so they can save them from being resigned to (dare I say it) the bin, or forever in a shoebox in bits.  

Repairing or restoring as the owner wishes, I retain any features they request be left alone and sympathetically address all other areas of work using age-appropriate materials and construction methods.  I treat every patient with great care and respect, as if they were my own bears.  I understand how special our treasured companions are, the memories they hold, and the emotional attachment we have to them.

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