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Ursula Schwarz

Actually I am a pharmacist but I loved to be creative with my hands during my whole life.

And where other little girls painted the clouds and houses onto paper, I stiched them onto fabric.

I earned my grandmothers love for colours and nice materials to create something very special which she put into action in her own dressmaker’s shop. Since I visited my first bear exhibition in 1996, I was ill by them and since then they occupy a big part of my time creating and making them myself.

And as I like to work with colours and partly have lived with lots of pattern of my grandmother, it was not difficult for me to create my own style very quickly.

Best materials and the facial expression of my bears, sometimes lovingly, curios und dreamy are very important for me. I dress the most of my bears to give each of them their own characters. As my brand name, I have chosen ARTig+frech Bears to have the possibility to create my bears sometimes funny, sometimes in an old vintage style.

Years with lot of fun visiting the best exhibitions in Germany, Swiss, Austria, England, USA and Japan followed, combined with a lot of first prizes in international competitions. 

The bear family has been completed by funny rabbits, mice and elephants and with them by a a lot of happy and loyal new owners of them all over the world.

Especially the friendship with many of my customers over years, when they keep buying my bears, make me happy.

Since maybe 14 years I like to visit the Hugglets Bear Festivals. As my favourite aunt married an Englishmen, my special love belongs to England.

Many greetings, 



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