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Antique Bears- Did You Know - People happy to help with ebay international/advice

Antique Bears- Did You Know - People happy to help with ebay international/advice

Hilary Pauley. UK. Just for the record, I would be happy to bid/purchase items on ebay for people from abroad who I "know" if the seller won't deal with/post abroad. Just as Paula Cipot Schmidt did for me. Maybe we could start a list of people in various countries who would be happy to do it

Dot Bird Thats a good idea Hilary as long as the buyers realise that the bear will have to be sent within the sellers country to the person who will ship abroad first therefore there will be two sets of postage/shipping to pay.

Lesli Burnham Postage costs have skyrocketed lately here, my jaw drops every time I send a package to England......I sent an 18 inch bear and a few goodies to Beverley Rothwelland it cost 72 dollars

Annisha Stahl I’ve gotten items here in the US and then shipped to UK and Australia.. and have a good friend in UK and Australia that have done the same for me..

Kathi Ellis I am in the process of having a couple of bears sent to me from the UK...what is the most reliable and economical service from UK to US? I had a quote of 45 pounds for a 12” bear insured for 500 pounds....sounds high to me! Can probably cut the insurance amount in half.

Dot Bird Yes reduce the insurance, it will reduce the cost. I always use a reliable courier for items over 2 kilo in weight, it is much cheaper than postage. But the post is cheaper than a reliable courier for items under 2 kilo's. Insurance is always the thing that escalates the costs. x

Beverley Rothwell UK  I am happy to do it as well I have done this a few times for my overseas friends and visa versa.

Lisa Berlin Wonderful idea Hilary 💗...more than happy to help ...on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada 🇨🇦

Jena Pang Always check the small print regarding insurance - make sure your antique is covered! Some insurance doesn’t actually cover antique items

Brenda Watson I would be happy to help from Ontario, Canada!

Magda Farnesi Starkova Germany here. I am happy to help

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