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Elaine Hirst Bear Artist and Collector

Elaine Hirst Bear Artist and Collector


Being passionate about bears for many, years, in effect, since childhood I began making bears when changes in work circumstances gave me the golden opportunity to immerse myself fully into the bear world.

I have designed and created 100% hand-made mohair teddy bears for the past 11 years.  Mostly traditional in style my designs are inspired by the early circa 1900 bears with hump backs, long arms and drumstick legs.  

Crafted with care from the finest mohairs, using traditional jointing methods (disks and pins or sometimes nuts and bolts) and stuffed with a range of traditional materials including woodwool (excelsior), kapok, cotton and sheep's wool, often, my bears are also weighted with steel shot for a tactile quality.

Some can have a contemporary twist to their appearance whilst others remain very traditional in essence.

Bespoke requests are welcome (ranging in size from 6 - 24 inches).

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