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Frank Webster

Frank Webster

Frank Webster (Frank Webster Originals)

 Traditional bear maker, definitely, contemporary bear maker, sometimes, bear artist, well that’s a description that I tend to shy away from as it tends to imply some form of artistic merit on my part but the variety of designs is what will keep me forever interested.

 My love of bear making began with the repair and restoration of vintage bears during the 1980’s while involved in antiques trade with my late brother-in-law Ned, when we came across old bears that were in a poor state I would patch them up, give them a light clean and we would then find the bear a new home, I found that the design aspect of the bears most interesting as I have a background in textiles.

 From repairing old bears to making bears is just a short leap and after a few trial efforts in 1988 with the aid of a “Butterick Pattern” the course was set, from there it was just a matter of re-shaping and I have been re-shaping ever since, there always seems to be something else to try from a refinement to a complete new design, or a more interesting way to achieve a look nurtured in my mind or a look I have been inspired by, sometimes it succeeds, other times its back to the drawing board, its all part and parcel for those who are dedicated to designing and making bears.

 Bears that are available can be found following this link:


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