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Josie Rockett. Antique Bear Collector

Josie Rockett. Antique Bear Collector

I am always on the look out for early Dean's Rag Book bears and soft toys. Also Dean's bears with coloured mohair. The condition of a teddy is not important, factory new or extremely well loved, I love them all!

Please contact me on if you have one you think I might like

I have always had a real passion for Dean's Rag Book bears and toys but as my interest and knowledge has grown my collecting has gone off in different directions. I adore Farnell and Chad Valley. I am drawn to any teddy that is unusual and interesting. I love colourful bears, clown bears, pandas and there is a special place in my heart for bears that have been truly loved. Regardless of make it is a bears character that appeals to me most. Collecting is a real adventure, you never know who may be waiting for you around the corner.

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